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We are a team of professional people specialized in different subjects of electric and mechanical engineering. We’ve got a large experience and path in the complete management of the electric business.
It is in charge of the engineer: 

  César J. SOSA
Engineer César J. Sosa

He is an electric engineer who has got his diploma in the National University of La Plata. At the beginning, his career was developed in the ex Energy Management of Buenos Aires, as System Control Center Chief. From this point, a system of 132/ 66/ 33/ 13,2 kV, composed by 2000 Km of lines and 40 substations, was supervised. Five years later he enters in Hidronor SA. At firts, César Sosa, worked as Control Center Chief of a 500 kV electric system for generation and transmission, collaborating with the consultants to make the equipment commissioning. The system had 3 800 Km. of 500 kV lines , 12 transforming stations of 500/ 220 y 500/ 132 kV and a power generation of 5000 MW divided into 5 hydraulic power stations. From 1980 until 1986 he worked as HYDRONOR East Zone Transmission Chief. He was in charge of the maintenance of 5 sub- stations of 500 kV and 2 100 Km of 500 kV lines Then he became Commercial and Fares Division Chief for a period of six years. During that time he made calculations of costs for production and transmission of electric power; estimations of tariffs for great clients, contracts for power selling, agreement connection, etc. After this, he became Power Movement Department Chief until HIDRONOR S.A was privatized. The functions he developed there were: the establishing of politics and coordination for the following areas: “Real time system operation”, “Engineering of operation system”, “System operation statical”, “Operation programming” and “Commercial and fares”. He went on working in TRANSENER S.A., as Ezeiza Control Centre Chief, in charge of supervision of the South system of that company, which had several substations and 3800 Km of 500 kV overhead lines. In 1997 he began to work as independent consultant in electric engineering, advising enterprises about generation, transmission and electrical energy distribution. He also advised industrial settings about technical and economical aspects such as: bargain making, fares studies, electric systems operation, technical personal qualification, telecontrol of sub stations, technical auditing, etc. The main jobs he did as independent consultant were:

  • Studies for the renewal of fares for power transmission for TRANSENER S:A. Contract with Merz and Mc Lellan Consulting, Evaluation of actives. Operations procedures analysis.

  • He prepared an offer for operation and maintenance of an iron and steel plant joining a group of several enterprises lead by Siemens Argentina. 

  • Training and qualification of personal from Control Centers in the following enterprises: TRANSBA, YACYLEC; LITSA y APELP in interconnected systems operation and wholesale electric market. 

  • Coordination between engineering and assembly teams in the adaptation of 64 sub stations of 132- 33- 13.2 kV of TRANSBA S.A. for the tele comand

  • Preparation and writing of rules for the operation of an interconnection line of 500 kV among ET Rincón de Sta. María (Argentina) and the inversor 50 to 60 cycles/sec. station Garabí (Brazil).

  • Technical auditor for “Unidad de Transacciones”, a company in El Salvador, which is responsible for the management of the Electric Wholesale Market and the operation of the national transmission system.

  • Revision of the preliminary version of the dispatch and operation procedures for Ecuador Republic.

  • Black start studies for 220/132/13.2 kV Grand Buenos Aires network.

  • Black start studies for 132/33/13.2 kV Buenos Aires Province network.

  • Technical auditing to Administrador del Mercado Mayorista (AMM) of Republic of Guatemala.

  • Technical studies about rules and equipment necessaries to prevent natural disasters caused for severe atmospheric conditions in the electric power systems of following countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

  • Writing of preliminary operations rules for the Central America Regional Market, which is integrated by six countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Through his professional career he has attended to different courses of specialization in Argentina and other countries. He has got two sizarships given by the ACTIM (French Institution), to make stays in EDF and enterprises which are suppliers of electric equipment in France. He has also attended to many congresses done in Argentina and other countries. He has shown technical works in most of them. He has developed as a teacher, specialized in the training of operators for Control Centres of 132 and 500 kV electric systems.

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