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Enterprise Activity
  TRANSENER SA   Power Transmission in very   high voltage
  TRANSBA SA   Power Transmission in high   voltage.
  LITSA SA   Power Transmission in
  500 kV.
  YACYLEC SA   Power Transmission in
  500 kV.
  CTMSA   Transmission company
  from Mercosur SA
  APELP   Provincial Power
  Administration from La Pampa
  PB Power   International consulting.
  ARTEC   Consulting.
  PA Consulting Group   International Consulting
  KEMA Consulting   International Consulting
  DISERVEL   Consulting
  TRANELSA   Consulting
  TAGSA   Storage of explosive and
  dangerous fluids.
  SIEMENS ARGENTINA   Electricity equipment
  production, engineering and
  VA TECH   Electricity equipment
  production, engineering and
  SCHNEIDER Electric   Electric equipment production.
  ACINDAR SA   Steel production
  MC ICSA   Engineering and buildings.
  TERBASA SA   Cereal embarkation.
  EDENOR SA   Power distribution
  EDESUR SA   Power distribution
  ELEMEC SA   Electric and mechanic projects
  and assembly.
  CAMMESA   Management Company of
  the Electric Wholesale Market
  of Argentina. SA
  UT   Transactions unit from El
  SACME   Operation of the 220/132 kV
  Buenos Aires transmission
  AMM   Management of the electric
  wholesale market of
  CNEE   National Comission of electric
  power of Guatemala.
  ENEE   National Enterprise of electric
  power of Honduras.
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